Fair play need to be promoted to all people in a comprehensive manner. Changing behaviour starts starts with education. Advertising what fair play means will encourage all those  who enjoy competitive sport to practise the principlies of fair play.

Participants:  Cooperate with team-mates, coaches officials and opponents and treat them with rerspect;  realise that without opponents, there would not be a game; strive for excellence, have fun and develop your skills while accepting your limitations;  do not try to gain an unfair advantage over opponents;  know the rules of the game and play by the letter and the spirit of the rules; officials are there to interpret the rules for you; accept their decisions; do not use coarse language or insult opponents, coaches or spectators.

Educators: Teach children to have pride in their achievements and efforts and in those of others; encourage participation from everyone, regardless of skill level; help children to understand the meaning of sportsmanship; remember that not all children have the same desire for athletic activities – never force a child to participate; ensure safety of playing areas and equipment; set a good example in your own activities; teach that the use of violence is not acceptable;  make students aware that the style of play they witness from some professional athletes is not necessarily fair or sportsmanlike.

Coaches:  Set an example for players and specators; teach the values of sportsmanship, practise them and expect players to respect those values; be knowledgeable  about sport by attending clinics to keep up to date with new developments; never argue with officials and coaches in front of players or spectators; maintain and follow the letter and spirit of the rules and reprimand offenders; respect and treat participants as individuals, recognising their different levels of ability; use only construtive criticism and encourage players to be disciplined and honest; discourage a “win at all costs” attitude.

Officials: Maintain good relations with players and coaches; be knowledgeable about the rules of the game; match officiating to players’ level; enforce penalties against players and coaches; maintain a fitness level necessary to properly officiate the sport.

Partents: Never force children to participate in sport; never publicly chanllenge the official’s judgment; do not try to achieve your dreams by pressuring your child; inquire about who is coaching your child. Is the coach properly qualified in skill, injury prevention and the psychological development of youngsters? attend one of your child’s practices. Does the coach treat the children farily? Talk to your child. Do they enjoy their team and sport? Are they learning that having fun, doing their best and sportsmanship are important? If you see a problem, address it immediately  and notify other parents;  if a sport becomes violent on television, turn it off. Explain to your children that fighting and abuse are not an acceptatble part of sport; accept and promote fair play initiatives sponsored by your government an local, porvincial of national level.

Media: Report fair play issues and fair play situations; condemn problems in sport such as violence, unethical strategies, “good fouls”,  abusive language and the use of drugs that make it possible to gain an unfair advantage over competitors; support officials’ rulings and emphasise the calibre of play rather than sensationalising the violence.

Spectators: Do not reidicule players; encourage fair and skilful player; show respect for the officials; condemn the use of violence;; maintain dignified behaviour; if fighting breaks out when you are waching a game on television, turn off your set.

Administrators: Develop programmes to emphasise fun and skill development; ensure that there are programmes providing equitable opportunities for all players, regardless of age, sex, physical size or skill level; ensure that proper equipment and safe facilities are available; include education on sportsmanship and fair play in coaching courses; make it clear that violence on the playing surface and unsportsmanlike conduct are unacceptable ; establish a fair play award; condem all violence by advertising your facility as a fair play area.