The intention for the Francis Lettsom and Willard Wheatley Primary School tennis Program is to create an inter Primary School tennis initiative exposing youths to the joys, discipline, and rigor of the lifelong sport of tennis; where they can acquire physical and mental fitness, giving them the opportunity to learn the game regardless of their economic status. Studies have shown that an early, positive experience in sports is vital for the healthy development of children, creating a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle. Physical inactivity has been an epidemic, creating an epidemic of childhood obesity.

This program will encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for students, and help to build valuable life skills, including competitiveness, sportsmanship, and teamwork. According to the American Heart Association, Tennis is an excellent way to engage youths in physical activity which will help instill a healthy lifestyle. Benefits include physical fitness, Improved optimism, self-esteem, and decreased depression, anger, confusion, and anxiety. Improved academic scoring.

Primary School children who are introduced to the sport of tennis, increase their overall commitment to excellence, through the sport, we anticipate students will experience – improved communication with parents, peers, and teachers; increased awareness of the importance of physical activity and healthy living; improved alertness and tactical thinking which may generate new connections between nerves in the brain to promote a lifetime of continued development of the brain.